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About the Outlaw

532500_4126241593092_247894183_nHello, all! Welcome to the ‘site, feel free to get comfy and take a moment or two looking around! I’m the Outlaw, but my first name is Chelsea and I’m (obvs) a blogger who lives in the Kansas City area with an amazing husband (hey! That’s him over there!) and an adorable cocker spaniel named Penny, with a loving family down the street, a best friend in New York, and another kicking ass in the roller derby. This is not my first walk around the blog block, but it’s the first time I’m willing to take a stab at it with my grownup pants on, and thus am starting a new project on a new leaf in a new chapter that I’m starting (convoluted mixed metaphors, much?!). When I’m not blogging, I’m usually procrastinating on homework from my Masters of Library Science program (hooray for the library and it’s workers!), looking up HILARIOUS GIFs to use whenever I see fit, and/or cooking and dreaming about all the things I could do if I was a better cook. I can also be seen online in an MMO format, as I shame-play Guild Wars 2, and have seen every episode of The Big Bang Theory and, soon enough, Roseanne. As you can most likely tell, I’ve got widely disparaging tastes, and I love indulging them as I see fit.

As a reader, I tend to steer myself more towards fiction, fantasy, literary fiction and lit analysis, although I’m almost always willing to tussle with the social sciences, history, and even a poem or two. I’m currently working on expanding my short story reading, as well as reading more books in translation, and after leaving behind my English degree, I’m trying to get back to talking about books in a way that goes beyond “it was awesome. the end.” Some of my favorite authors include Margaret Atwood, J.K. Rowling (for Harry Potter. Jury’s still out on the Vacancy), Chris Abani, James Baldwin, Oscar Wilde, Louisa May Alcott, W.H. Auden, and Alan Bennett. Favorite books depends entirely on when you ask me and what I’ve just read, and the same generally goes for TV shows and music (except for hardcore gangster rap. Which is always a no.)

Recently, I’ve changed the focus of this blog somewhat, and it’s gone from being totally book-centric to trying to reflect the multiple aspects of my life that I have passion and drive in – things like my growth as a runner, my weight loss journey, my exploits in the kitchen (and yes, exploits is completely the right word, unfortunately), and my general experiences on this crazy gravy train we call life. In order to know where I am now, it might help to know where I started, fitness wise, and as a picture is worth a thousand words, lets start there shall we?


Me in 2009, 240 lbs


Me on our honeymoon, October 2012, down to 220lbs


Me today, March 2013, down to 195lbs (pardon the wrinkly tank top and pajama pants – the rule at our house is pretty much ‘are you leaving again today?’ ‘no?’ ‘house pants it is!’)

There is still quite a bit of a journey to be had on my weight-loss road, but I’m really proud of the progress I’ve been able to make so far, and I’m really looking forward to sharing the rest of my progress with you guys! When I decided to get my journey off the ground, there were a couple of blogs that I found really helpful (Tina, Julie, and Janae are truly, truly amazing women!) and I followed the Couch 2 5-K Running program, which did wonders in terms of my mental gains when it comes to no longer feeling afraid of running, or afraid of my body being able to handle the action of running. My current fitness plans include trying to run at least 3-4 miles three times a week, and I’m steadily trying to build on that distance! One day I’d love to run a half marathon and a marathon, if not more than one – this one looks particularly up my alley! I also try and follow the workout videos at one of my favorite sites for workout videos – Cassey at Blogilates is really a great person to be working out with! I’ve got a mix of Biggest Loser and Jillian Michaels DVDs that I keep in the rotation, and I’m actually SUPER excited to be joining a new local gym this week that has a pool and a TON of group workout options!

If you have a deliciously lovely productyou’d like to send me for review, send me one of those fancy electronic mails and we’ll talk. Otherwise – the books I read, the things I buy, the places I go and the activities I engage in are my choice, out of my pocket, my reviews are my opinions, and the nonsense you read here is, fortunately or un, mostly entirely out of my own brain. If not, I’ll let you know!

Outlaw out.

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