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Garry Gribble’s Has my Heart


(this is what happens when you ask your husband to humor you and take a picture with his new running shoes for your blog)

Oh, day of all days! Today started with the usual – dragging ourselves out of bed at eight, which I realize to some sounds totally ridiculous! But I should explain: Mark works second shift, which means he usually goes in to work at around two in the afternoon and is home by about 11:30. At night. By the time we, you know, speak words to each other and each get a cookie, it’s 12:30 and time for bed. Or, time to watch The Daily Show and Dance Moms until well past 1:00. Whatever works. Add to that the fact that his “weekend” days are Tuesday and Wednesday – today was basically our Monday, and 8am might as well be our 6am. And although this sound suspiciously like whining, it’s not –we’re night people to begin with, and honestly, I’m just glad we have enough flexibility in the other parts of our lives to make Mark’s schedule work!

Breakfast was, technically, a piece of whole-wheat toast with almond butter and chia seeds. But I didn’t get a picture, because I figured you guys’ imaginations were up to the task. After that, it was Mark and I off to the BRAND NEW GYM FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER!!! Needless to say, I was giddy. He and I both hopped up on the treadmill, which ended up looking like this by the time I was done

P3130067 It helped that I had this to keep me company: P3130064

I tried to take a picture without the flash because, you know, I didn’t want to be that person but, alas, that just wasn’t happening – at least, not in a way that produced a legible picture!

0:00-5:00 min. Warm Up: 3.5 @ 0.0%
5:00-10:00 min 5.5 @ 1.0%
10:00-15:00 min. 6.0 @ 1.0%
15:00-20:00 min. 5.0 @ 0.0%
20:00-25:00 min 4.0 @ 8.0%
25:00-30:00 min Cool Down: 3.0 @ 0.0%

All in all, I was alright with everything, although I will say I wish that I had pushed myself a bit harder and kept to my original goal/plan of alternating between a 5.5 and 6.0. I don’t know if maybe I didn’t eat enough (I’m still new to this whole working out right when I get up thing, so any tips on timing breakfast with a morning workout would be much appreciated!) of if there was another culprit, but I left the gym sweaty and that’s always a win. After the gym, Mark and I ran home real quick to whip up this beauty


for brunchfast – what we call eating at 10:45 in the morning. It’s diced potatoes, red bell pepper, onion, hickory sausage (splurge!) and two eggs, with a big heaping dollop of ERMAGHAD ketchup. It was delicious, and couldn’t have hit the spot better. We ate fast though, because we wanted to stop by Mark’s mom’s house to thank her for the gym membership – it’s a joint birthday present for Mark and I) – before heading off to our major and most awesome errand for the day… Today, Mark and I got the chance to go by the place that is near and dear to my heart but that, because of budgetary restraints (a polite way of saying ‘broke-ass mofo’), I hardly ever get to go to. Garry Gribble’s is a little bit of a local running Nirvana, a place for everything from chews to water bottles to these bad boys

P3140086 P3140087

Those are Mark’s new Brooks Addiction 10s, which he bought in anticipation of starting the Couch to 5K program, which just makes my little newly running-converted heart go all pitter-patter. Seriously, I’m just so excited to get the chance to finally share this whole running thing with him – definite updates to follow. The picture on the right are my brand new Smartwool PhD Running socks! The ones pictured are the crew cut in the “Horizon Blue”, and I also got a pair of ankle-height in “Berry” because, TOTAL SCORE, they were two for one! All in all, it was definitely an awesome trip to Garry Gribbles!

After that, Mark had to head to work (there’s that 2:00 start time!) so I headed back up to the gym for another quick round of cardio, this time on the StairMaster


0:00-5:00 min. Warm Up: Level 4
5:00-10:00 min. Ramp it Up: Level 8 (forward)
10:00-15:00 min. To the Left: Level 6 (face the left)
15:00-20:00 min. To the Right: Level 6 (face the right)
20:00-25:00 min. Finish Strong: Level 8 (forward)
25:00-30:00 min. Cool Down: Level 4

After I wrapped up the StairMaster, I headed downstairs for some strength training. I did three sets of 10 squats/shoulder presses (12.5 lbs), followed by three sets of 10 alternating lunges (bent leg balanced on Bosu) with tricep curls at 12.5 lbs. After that, I headed to the back of the gym and did two sets of ten jumps on to the smallest box they had (12 inches? 18? 7? I have no idea – I’m horrible at spatial relations) followed by two sets of 5 machine-assisted pull-ups. After that, I was dying (and, looking back on it now, apparently feeling a bit random!) and ready to head home. I whipped up this delicious ditty for Mark and I to have on his “break” – which tonight he got at 7:30, in just enough time for it to be dinner

P3140077 P3140084

that, my friends, is the tried-and-true-never-fails combo of chicken fajitas. A staple in our house, the recipe looks something like this: slice as many onions and green peppers as you think you’ll eat. Cook them with 2.0 tsp (approx) of olive oil. Once the onions are translucent and the peppers are getting little bits of burnt on the edges (that’s how we like them in this house, anyway!), turn them on to a plate and tossed in 1 chicken breast per person, cut in to strips of about the same size. Then proceed to toss on as many Mexican-themed spices as you desire, until the chicken smells how you want it to smell (for this recipe, there was a bit of taco seasoning, onion powder, chili powder, garlic, salt, and pepper, but in the past I’ve had success with sweet mesquite, ranch, and wing-sauce coated chicken – its really all about what your taste-buds desire) and then you cook it until the chicken is white and done. Toss the veggies back in with the chicken, give it another minute or two on the burner, and then throw down. Mark prefers them with our favorite Costco tortillas, as do I, but it’s also good on salad, in a bowl by itself, or as the filling for hard or soft tacos. Really, the options are endless, the chicken scrumptious, and how can you beat a meal filled with mmm-mmm veggies?

That, dear friends, brings us to now! Mark is still at work, and will be for another few hours (as of the time I’m writing this very sentence). The evening looks rather full of laundry, Veronica Mars (PLEASE tell me you watch this show and have heard about this amazing Kickstarter?! We’ll be friends forever – promise!), and maybe even a bit of foam rolling if the mood strikes. One thing’s for sure, thought. When Mark gets home tonight, he and I will be splitting this


a looks-can-be-deceiving Thin Mint Cal-Blaster Smoothie from the cafe at the gym. It’s been sitting in the freezer since I brought it home after my second trip (I just couldn’t help myself! THIN MINT, DAMN YOU!), so it should be nice and ice-creamy, which will be divine. My hats off to all you lovely lads and lasses!

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