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An Afternoon Check-in


Hello, dears! How have all of your mornings been? I’ve loved getting the chance to check in with most of you already before adding my own little piece to the blog world for the day 🙂 I’ve spent the morning doing a little shopping, picking up a treat, and now I’m taking full advantage of this momentary lull for lunch-digestion to get this blog post up and running 🙂

Let me tell you guys a little secret – I have a very, very deep and abiding love for Dunkin’ Doughnuts iced coffees (with skim milk and extra ice. Naturally.) This girl knows what I’m talking about. So you may have noticed the occasional mention of the Dunkin’ Doughnuts they’re building just seconds from my apartment. Well, friends, that day has come and the building is finished at last! This weekend is their opening weekend, and I was fully willing to oblige the ridiculously long wait inside – the drive through just wasn’t happening, ain’t nobody got time for that kind of line – to pick up an extra treat while I was out picking up the supplies for breakfast today


any guesses as to what breakfast was? Any of you who read Cassey’s blog or are big on the Pinterest scene can probably spot two-ingredient pancakes from a mile away! Who knew that two large eggs and one big banana, mashed together, could end up being so damn delicious? I defrosted some frozen strawberries, and let the juice from that serve as the syrup – kind of like a poor mans fruit compote. It wasn’t the most indulgent breakfast ever, but it definitely satisfied the pancake craving I’ve been having lately! While I was out and about at the store, I also managed to pick up some lemon, limes, and mint to make the water you can see in the first picture. It’s been chilling in the fridge and I’ve been sipping out of it, and let me tell you – its good. Not great, but definitely good enough to keep me drinking more and more water! Plus, I’ve been inspired to try some strawberry/kiwis and watermelon/cucumber/honeydew combos. Now THAT sounds good! 🙂


Lunch was that bad boy of an egg/sausage/potato scramble, so clearly I was still after the savory portion of breakfast. But whatever. Luckily I have a husband who is totally on board eating breakfasts at almost any time of day (other than dinner. He’s weirdly opposed to eating brinner, which is almost blasphemy in my opinion. he bravely sacrifices from time to time). I’m just giving it it’s due time to digest before hitting the gym – on the schedule today is another four-and-a-half mile run, and while the sun is finally out, the humidity is out right along with it. So the gym it is! What can I say, I’m a total wuss when it comes to weather.

Are you a good weather-handler – does rain/humidity/snow/darkness/too much sun keep you indoors running, or even indoors doing something else? Also, where do you stand on breakfast for dinner? Please say yes, or I don’t think we can be friends much longer! 





What I Ate Wednesday (Here Goes Nothing!)

Peas and Crayons

Many of you may not know this, but I’ve been debating whether or not to start participating in What I Ate Wednesday for a couple of weeks now. Not because I don’t think it’s an AMAZING idea for a weekly idea round up (after all, we all eat, and we’re all secretly fascinated by what others are eating. You can admit it, I won’t judge) but because I’m absolutely awful at remembering to take pictures of my food before I eat it! I’m usually too busy inhaling the food, for one thing, but its also just a habit one needs to get in to. So I’m going to try and get in to the habit, and I’m hoping WIAW can be just the motivation I need to do that (and I don’t just mean taking pictures of my food. It’ll start there, but I’m hoping this makes me more camera-mindful in general). PLUS, June is all about sensible snacking, and I love snacking! Snacking’s my favorite!

This is going to come at you crazy-collage style because, well, some of these pictures are older and when it comes to any given day, the snacks I choose are as random as the day is long!

wpid-20130512_140834.jpg  20130430_193149  20130430_152929  wpid-20130425_124552.jpg  wpid-20130419_130553.jpg  wpid-IMG_20130418_163844.jpg  wpid-20130414_170950.jpg  wpid-20130331_101137.jpg  wpid-20130329_194122.jpg  wpid-20130327_135653.jpg  20130327_104534_thumb.jpg  20130326_155911.jpg  20130318_134357  wpid-IMG_20130317_171100.jpg  P3140004_thumb.jpg

1.) Pretzel chips. The best of both worlds, and strong enough to dish up that delicious Laughing Cow.

2.) Chips and guac. The chunkier and spicier the better. Enough said.

3.) Fruit bowls. At least a few pounds is preferable, but either way I’ll cradle it like a small child 🙂

4.) Kale chips! SO easy to make!

5.) Clementines – they just go with everything.

6.) Cereal. As you can see, a proper bowl is entirely optional.

7.) Those granola bars are probably nutritionally negligible. Don’t care – they’re delicious. Also, clementines!

8.) Mmm… Strawberries…

9.) Homemade chocolate-covered caramels don’t get made often, but when they do, you gotta make them last. Oh, and sea salt is a must.

10.) Veggies and hummus is ALWAYS a go-to. Seriously, it’s a never fail.

11.) Dates! Kind of like raisins, but bigger. and chewier.

12.) Again, this is one of those “not great but works in a pinch” – the beef jerkey comes in a two pack so Mark and I end up splitting it and it’s basically just straight protein!

13.) Smoothies!!! Especially now that it’s summer 🙂

14.) I’m out of this dark chocolate peanut butter. And this picture reminds me that I need more. Immediately.

15.) Who doesn’t need chocolate? And when it’s as dark as this chocolate was, a little dab will truly do you.

A huge thanks to Jenn at Peas and Crayons, as always, for hosting this great round-up, so go check out what everyone else has been snacking on recently (seriously, the ideas there are great!)

What’s the yummiest thing you’ve had to eat this week? 


Things I Know

I know that this gangster lady just turned eight, and OH MY GOSH I can’t even believe she’s already that old! She’s basically the light of my life, and I think she’s just the most amazing little lady and I’ve been so blessed to see born, see her grow, and to see how cool a chick she’s turning in to. So HAPPY 8TH BIRTHDAY, AUBREY!!! Your Aunt Chelsea loves you TONS. 🙂



I know that I finally took my sorry feet to the actual streets yesterday and the run was B-E-A-UTIFUL! I hit about 4.5 miles, and the middle 1.5 of that took me through my favorite patch of local trail, up some dapple-shaded trails and under a cool bridge or two. It’s uber-relaxing. Until the rest of the 3 miles, which is basically all road-side and seems about 25 degrees warmer because asphalt is hot. Which is lame. But still!



I know that Summer Shred ’13 is a few days under way and is so far, so good! There are a couple of REALLY great and supportive “challenges” going on this summer (Cassey’s got a great one, and of course there’s Gina’s Shape Up that I mentioned yesterday) and I’m trying to work a lot harder this time to rely on all that great social media that I’m obsessing over all the time anyway, and while it’s only been three days, I’m keeping my motivation high and loving seeing all those great pics and tweets from others who are in the same camp I am! I’m not the greatest at having my phone/camera handy, so this may get to be a bit of a challenge as time goes on, but I’m definitely going to try 🙂

I know that a very dear friend of mine is getting ready to come in to town today, for the first time since she graduated college, and while we haven’t done anything to regret yet, the day is still young. See above image. 😉
 photo 4_zpsf1906d36.gif

I know that right now my head is still exploding over Game of Thrones! Don’t get me wrong – I read all the books and TOTALLY saw it coming (I mean, hello) but still, to see all that craziness go down on screen, I literally did this weird mixture of crying, incredulous staring, and telling Mark to shut up even though he wasn’t talking. Any watchers out there? I’m still looking for someone to talk to about it who didn’t know it was going to happen because for. real. Mind blown.

Lastly, I know that today is the first day of my weekend, and I couldn’t be more excited to take these next couple of days to get the house in shape and the refrigerator full!

What’s on your mind? What do you know today/this week? Are you a Game of Thrones watcher? If not, what’s your addicting TV of choice? 

PS: I was just about to hit ‘Publish’ and then I saw this:

Sriracha Documentary

There is a sriracha documentary coming out later in 2013. Oh yes, this is a thing. 😀 You’re welcome!


Getting Caught up on the Weekend!

I feel like so much has happened since Friday when I was last on talking to you guys!

This past weekend was my momma’s birthday (that’s a picture from my wedding, no worries – we don’t go around getting freakishly dolled up for birthdays around these parts ;D ) and we had a GREAT time seeing her, getting to hang out for a bit on Saturday for her actual birthday, and then yesterday when we went out to a delicious breakfast together. I know your mom is pretty and awfully nice, but I just have to say – my mom is nicer and prettier. Only because she’s the nicest and prettiest woman in the world (it’s okay if you want to secretly thinking that’s true about your mom too, lol). And I can’t wait to make another great year of family memories with her – happy late birthday, momma!

In between working and celebrating my mom’s birthday, another really cool thing happened – my student financial aid refund came through!


I love making friends, so that’s not an entirely true GIF, but seriously, isn’t it kind of a bummer reminder sometimes how much easier everything becomes when you have a little bit of cushion cash. I’m only set for one more semester in school, meaning this is one of the last time I’ll be getting any financial aid, so Mark and I have been extra on top of making sure that it gets spent in the best way possible. This go around? Paying off credit card debt, paying off backlog bills, and a new pair of running shoes (for me) and computer games (him). Next round – all the money is going to DISNEY!!!!


That’s right, folks! You read right! Probably the best thing to be decided on this weekend is the fact that the combined Brown and new Outlaw family (that would be Mark and I) are now planning on taking a trip to the World of Disney sometime in the middle of September! Not only is this amazing because, you know, I’m a complete and admitted product of the Disney Industry, so all that fake nostalgia and princess costumes still send my heart a-tizzy, but also because Aubrey is eight and she’s going for the first time and, man am I excited to see how excited she’s going to be! I don’t want to get too wrapped up in the trip yet, because September is still a ways off and anything can happen, but as for right now?

So that’s basically the run-down on the most important happenings around my neck of the woods this weekend! I suppose I should go ahead and check in with that whole fitness thing, seeing as how this is ostensibly a fitness blog, yes? Saturday was the first of June, and thus began my Summer of Shred, as I’m taking to calling it, and so far so good (she said, three days in, lol). I hit up yoga early on Saturday and managed to fit in one of my Daily Burn videos, which was not as tough as the first go-round, but still kicked my butt. Sunday was a four mile run and a few rounds through the first week circuit workout that Gina set out as part of the Summer Shape Up 2013! It’s my first time doing one of Gina’s Shape Ups, and I’m LOVING the workout format and her delicious recipe ideas, so if you’re really wanting to kick things in to gear this summer, clicking through to Gina and getting signed up for the Shape Up could be just the ticket you’re looking for!

The weather here finally knocked off that stupid rain, so I think today my sneaks and I are going to hit the actual streets (hopefully with camera in hand) to soak up this beautiful summer weather before work 😀

What is your weekend update? What do you do when you suddenly get that little bit of extra cash? Are you a Disney kid?


Friday Favorites #5

Hey y’all! Sorry about my comment-y absence yesterday on the blog! It was just one of those days where every time I sat down to do my reading and commenting something popped up that needed to be handled right away, and all of a sudden it was 11:00 at night and I was beat. But, I suppose there’s nothing like a crazy busy Thursday to make for a much more relieving Friday. So without further ado, some favorites from the week:


Hot Weather Running Tips @ SkinnyRunner: It’s finally heating up out there, guys! Can you believe it?! Summer is finally here with gusto, and after a winter like that, I personally couldn’t be more relieved! But, along with summer running comes running in the heat – which takes just a little bit more preperation and awareness on our parts to stay safe, healthy, and still running in to the heat and humidity of August (which I’m pretending isn’t going to happen. Just like I always do, lol). This article is absolutely a must-read before you lace up and hit that burning hot pavement – even if you’re pretty sure you’ve got it down, you never know when you might run across something new!

 Triple-Berry Summer Salad |

Triple Berry Summer Salad @ Iowa Girl Eats: Fair warning: this isn’t the only Friday Favorite from Iowa Girl this go-round. Let’s be honest – I’ve talked about Kristin’s blog on here before, because I’m basically always in love with everything she makes. But it seems like this past week or so she’s just been ON A ROLL in terms of making things that make me go “I must immediately make this or die.” This salad is one of those. I mean, come on! Berries! Goat cheese! Almonds! Avocado! I really think that’s the main reason Kristin is just making gold this week – with summer here, so are some of my favorite flavors and food combinations. But that doesn’t change the fact that…damn. Doesn’t that salad look amazing?

Another week of Portable Workouts @ Fitfluential: Oh, Fitfluential! There you are again, showing up every week with great motivational pictures and on-the-go workouts and other things that put to shame all the excuses I have at the ready whenever, you know, I just don’t give a damn that day. Which happens more than it should. I won’t say I’m totally in love with all of the workouts on this round of ‘Portable Workouts’, but I thought that this “Beach Attack” workout looked challenging enough for even this land-locked, ocean-starved girl. I mean, 1-minute single leg squat hold? Bring it on!

Life lessons from a Pup @ Mangoes and Miles: You guys know that I love Beth – I think she’s inspirational athletically, and I’m MONDO impressed by her med-school aspirations. Plus, her dog makes my heart melt and reminds me of my dog all at the same time, which, for those of you who know my dog, makes that only 1000% more awesome! Anyway, I loved this post from Beth for three reasons: while the concept is a little corny, Beth truly pulls out some pretty great wisdom that we could all pick up from our little furry friends (“play often”, “keep track of your stuff”) and she illustrates this with AMAZING PICTURES. Also, there’s a bad-ass looking pancake. Also – Up GIFs for the win!

Chili-Lime Shrimp Bowls with Black Bean-Mango Salsa |

Chili-Lime Shrimp Bowls with Black Bean-Mando Salsa @ Iowa Girl Eats: It’s like Chipotle, if Chipotle had sea-food options, was homemade with love, and had approximately 1/10000 of the calories. You guys have seen on the blog that I’m a huge fan of one bowl, one pan, one container meals (less cleanup, less dishes, less having to reach for multiples things while I’m shoveling still-burning food in to my mouth) and this one really hit the nail on the head. Everything about this dish looks filling, healthy, spicy (or at least, it’ll be that way by the time I’m finished, lol) and full of my absolute favorite shellfish. Once we get access to a grill more permanently, you may be seeing a ton of variations on this theme this summer 😀

And there you have it, everyone! The fifth round of Friday Favorites is over for today 😦 I know, I know! But I’ll be back same time next week, so get out there and make your Friday an amazing one!

Most fantastic thing from this week?


150 Posts and a love letter

Can you guys believe it’s already been 150 posts? Not that that’s, you know, an official unit of time measurement or anything, but still! It feels like a pretty cool deal to see 150 pop up next to the “posts” link on the Dashboard – all you WordPressers out there pick up my drift! Anyway, I wanted to take today, in honor of the fact that you all have been super awesome, and the fact that come June 1st I’m starting a couple months of hard-core beat up on the body, to write a little love letter.

I’ve been seeing a lot of great discussion going on lately about the expectations we keep for ourselves, valuing our bodies, and why the human body is as awesome as it is. And since this blog makes frequent mention of the things I wouldn’t mind changing about myself, I thought I might put up this little reminder (for myself as well as for all you lovelies out there) that your body is already pretty darn amazing just as it is right now. So, deep breath and…

Dear Body,

Thanks for doing so many awesome things every day, even when I don’t request that you do them? Blinking? Who has time to think of that. Breathing, converting glucose, shuttling gallons of blood around my body every day – I don’t actually have to tell you to do those things, you just take care of it. Which is totally awesome, as it’s a pretty good sign that you’ve got things under control, at least at the most basic level.  So let’s move up a level.

Feet – you’re gross. You smell, you’re all lumpy and knotty and you occasionally smell. Hands, you’re not much better – short, stubby, giant knuckles. But you know what? In case of fight, those hands could do some potential ass kicking. And feet, you could get me away from a situation pretty damn fast if I asked you to. Not to mention you carry me every where I’m going and every where I’ve gone. All without much of a thank you. So thank you.

Legs, I don’t even care that you’re tree trunks. I don’t really care that I don’t have that inner-thigh gap, mostly because I think my thighs like touching. It lets them know they have a friend in the world. I don’t mind because all that thickness just means that much more weight I can bear, that many more babies I’ll be able to tote around one day, that many more bends up and down to grab my favorite book off the bottom bookshelf. And my flapping grandma wings (what do you call that bit of fat under your arms?)? One day those things will delight grandchildren for hours to come, and even now they do a pretty good non-skinny job at offering hugs, high-fives, and pats on the back. Sometimes the world gets hard, and that means having broad shoulders to carry it. So thanks for that to, upper body, even if the shoulders doing the carrying aren’t that defined yet.

And then we have the stomach. Oh, abs – will you ever truly get to see the light of day? I know you’re down there somewhere, like the dwarves of Moria, but I would be quite surprised and delighted to actually make face-to-face contact with you one day. But it’s cool if you’re comfy down there – that little bit of extra padding on top is okay. It means I’m warm in winter; it means I’m ready to grow, nurture, and produce a tiny human life one day. And it serves as a gentle reminder that we can all have work to do while still being okay with who we are as people.

Last but not least – the other stuff. The hair. The eyebrows. The nose that’s too long and the cheeks that are too round. And the only thing I have to say to all those extra parts, it’s that I’m sorry. Because they always take the extra beating for being the quick fix. Those abs may be a long time coming, but chopping off the hair can be done NOW, with CHANGE guaranteed! I’ve always loved my smile and the length of my hair, and sometimes that’s all I have going for me on “the list of things I love about my body right now” – so thanks for always being those one or two things.

Body, to wrap up, I think you’re just so amazing. And I wish more people thought the same thing about their bodies. Every day our bodies do FUCKING MAGIC inside us to keep us alive. Seriously, the best factory in the world has nothing on the human body. So maybe you’ve got an extra 20 pounds – hell, an extra 40. And maybe your hands are too wide, your feet are too long, your legs are too spindly and you hate your chicken arms. But your body is still miraculous. So recognize. And respect.


Let’s talk Daily Burn

Yesterday, one of the things I knew was directly related to the Daily Burn website, so I wanted to come back a bit more today to talk about just what this website is, how I came across it, and why you should probably be the most awesome person on the planet and go ahead and sign up as well. I’ll go ahead and let you guys know now that I am in no way sponsored for this post, I just have had really great interactions with the site and wanted to share!

So what do I actually DO when I log on to Daily Burn? Well, here’s the run down. When you sign up, Daily Burn has you pick a “program” you want to start – they have a cardio dance option, a kettlebell program, a P90X style bootcamp – not to mention multiple levels and formats that range in between in intensity. Most of the exercises don’t require anything other than what most home-workout-ers will already have handy: a medicine ball, some dumbbells, a yoga mat. Anything special you need (like ranging weight kettlebells) they inform you before hand so you can come prepared. And, as always, it’s completely up to you what videos you want to do when – all the videos are available, all the time, regardless of what “program” you choose. And you can always search the videos by format, length, intensity, instructor…basically until you get to that ideal exercise video!

So let’s look at an example, shall we (I feel like I’m in school teaching you all about split infinitives or long division or something, lol). When I signed up, I wanted something that I could do with NO excuse that would also be super challenging, so I went for the Tactical Body Training, the program focusing on bodyweight interval training. I watched the preview video, grabbed my mat, and prepared. The structure of Tactical Body Training is two days of tabata-based bootcamp style classes followed by two days of active recovery – yoga, mobility stretches, and guided foam rolling. So I did the first workout – and that’s as far as I’ve gotten so far, lol. I DEFINITELY was too out of shape to do the workouts back to back, as the schedule said, so I mixed in a cardio day and some extra recovery before going back. Maybe not perfect, but I figure as long as the program gets done eventually.

Daily Burn is a website similar to FitnessGlo, another service I’ve seen popping up on the blog rounds lately. The primary differences, from what I can tell, are that FitnessGlo is primarily marketed at and focused on serving women and their exercise needs, whereas Daily Burn doesn’t make those same kinds of claims. Also, Daily Burn is organized by “programs”, as opposed to a few programs mixed with an assortment of other workout formats available as well. Daily Burn is also about $5.00 a month cheaper than FitnessGlo, although if you also want access to Daily Burn’s nutrition and diet services, they end up being about the same cost at $15.00/month. As per usual, you get the first 30 days free to try when you sign up, so even if that’s all you do, I’m already finding the website to be a great resource for those days when I don’t want to go to the gym – or when I’m at the gym and have no idea what I’m in the mood to do next!

I should say before I wrap up that there IS a nutrition/diet component, like I mentioned, but it’s an extra cost, so at this point in time I’m not using those services. I’m trying to re-train my body and my mind back more towards intuitive eating and away from calorie tracking and the like (this is a different post, for sure, but I’m coming to realize how bad counting calories may be for me on the mental end of the battle), but for those of you out there who are truly looking for a holistic and well-rounded approach to changing your body, these extra services might really be worth taking a look at!

So is it worth it? I think so, so far! I mean, the one true workout I’ve done from the site left me pouring sweat, sore for days, but still had me coming back for more…so yeah, I’d call that a success for sure! I’m really excited to check out some of the videos outside my “program”, and would love for you to check out the website, maybe give those first 30 days a try, and let me know what you think!

PS: unsponsored, remember? 😉

What’s your go-to when the gym is a no-go? Any great DVDs/websites you’d recommend – I’m always on the look out!


Things I Know

I know that sometimes, when I wake up and put on the same sweatpants I’ve been wearing in the morning for days, I’ll drink my coffee black but sweet (HELLO, Stevia!) and pretend I’m still in college when I thought drinking coffee black was the epitome of academic mystery…yeah, I was that girl. And sometimes I like to pretend to still be that girl! 😉 Just a little dash of recent-nostalgia to keep the mornings interesting, hopefully you guys know what I’m talkin’ about!


I know that this weekend was one of the longest I’ve had in a while. My father-in-law was in the hospital with heart problems, and while he ended up being fine and is now on the road to getting better and better, there were definite tears and stresses this weekend. Sadly, there was no pie. Even for memorial day.

I know that I didn’t know WHAT I was thinking when I took on the first round of Tactical Body Training on the new fitness website I joined! I recently signed up for Daily Burn, a pay-by-month website that offers, like, a bajillion work-out videos and different work-out programs to become involved in, all for just $10.00 a month (with a 30 day free trial and the opportunity to earn another free month by trying their nutrition counseling services). The Tactical Body Training program is a tabata-based body weight workout, and during the first workout we did moves like the child’s pose push-up and the “splay”, which is basically just a burpee. It took about 30 minutes for the tabata workout, 45 total with the mobility warm-up and cool-down, but HOLY GOD DID MY ENTIRE BODY HURT. Seriously. I did this workout on Thursday, right before things with my father-in-law got dicey, and to be honest, I’m still lowering myself on to the toilet. That’s a TMI, but you get the picture – body. hurt. In a great way that was also death.


I know that, without a doubt, errands are the worst thing in the entire world. Yesterday before work (at 5:30) Mark and I spent the entire morning running around and taking care of errands and plans: lunch with his parents, grocery shopping, laundry, picking up various things for the summer plants – and then the day was gone. And while sometimes I feel nothing but accomplishment at getting things done, yesterday was nothing but draining. Maybe it was because I then had to go to work immediately afterwords, and maybe it was the fact that my introversion was just catching up with me and I was wiped from how busy we’d been over the rest of the weekend, but one work was over, I was straight home to bed. Not even to read and then to bed. Just to bed.


I know that I’ve got very little else to say this Tuesday, but wanted to point out that, in case you missed it, yes you can indeed use Modern Family and it’s accompanying GIFs to fit basically any situation on the planet. Which is exactly what should happen. 😀

How was your Memorial Day? Anything amazing happen, or any crazy stories? What’s your favorite sitcom?


Happy Memorial Day


Just stopping in to say hello to all you beautiful faces out there! No real post today, just a quick stop by to say I hope your Memorial Day is fantastic. Thank you to all those who serve in the hard jobs I could never do in order to guarantee freedoms I am blessed with every day. Now everyone go enjoy a delicious beergarita, and stay safe!


Friday Favorites

I thought I had so much more to share with you guys this week! But when I went back to my “saved posts” folder, the majority of what I bookmarked was from my reading blogs! And not that I don’t think you guys would find that fascinating, but it’s mainly just books that I want to read in the next few weeks. BUT, all hope is not lost, and I do have a few pretty baller pieces from the interwebs to bring you guys this week!

Book Fetish Volume LXXIV @ BookRiot: You guys know BookRiot. You’ve heard me blather on about it before. But this week their ‘book fetish’ article was particularly to die for! This series of articles is all about book-related bling, toys, home goods – you name it, if it’s literary but not actually a book, then this page will most likely get to it eventually. It’s one of maybe five or six regular features on the internet that I make sure to check up on regularly, and while I’ve never bought anything they’ve shown, I’ve been mighty tempted to more times than I can count!

May Mini-Challenge: Homemade Cleaners @ IHeartOrganizing: Oh, IHeart! I am a hoarder clutter bug and if the recent massive spring cleaning has taught me anything, it’s that I need a serious overhaul in my methods of cleaning (shockingly, my organizational skills are pretty top-par, they are just those organizational skills that don’t look organized, lol) and as this blog is all about healthy living, I was really excited to see a way to knock off the great things I love about Mrs. Meyers products – the fact that they’re all natural, powerful, and smell pretty good – using stuff that I mostly have around the house already. Yes, the recipes call for Borax, which has fallen in to debate regarding it’s safety, but with the cursory reading I’ve done, it seems to be one of those ‘in moderation’ kind of things. Plus, this post covers everything from all purpose cleaner to duster to toilet bowl cleaner!

Many People Thinking of Questions

Fancy that Feedback for Runners @ OlivetoRun: So, Cori is all over Friday Favorites over here all the time, because I love her and she’s amazing at this world we call blogging, and especially because every now and then she comes out with these kind of…composite posts? She’ll post a survey on her blog or ask for email contributions, and then post the answers in these big treasure troves of tips, tricks, advice, and preferences amongst any runners who answer her questions. It’s a great combination of reader survey, which are always fun to read, and general advice from among the community. You never know what amazing advice someone might turn over that you’ll get to read about on Cori’s blog! This article specifically took reader responses to some recent posts she’s done, and shared anything she thought would be of value to others!

Braving the Craving @ Commitness to Fitness: Charlotte blows my mind all the time with her amazing posts, hence my total thievery of that amazing GIF from Charlotte’s post this week. Unlike myself, who likes to dance around fitness and nutrition related things, Charlotte likes to dive right in and be all, like, “okay, let’s talk about ___”. And this week we were chatting all about food, nutrition, eating – and, in this amazing post that challenges us all to face our own s@#%$ and get over it so that we can work though our cravings for food – she talks about Camp “You Crave Because You’ve Got Drama” and Camp “You Crave Because your Body Needs Certain Things”. Check it out – it’s quite the conversation!

Oldies Workout Playlist @ Peanut Butter Fingers: So, guilty confession: I have the musical tastes of a seventy year old woman. Or a flamboyantly gay man. Or both. But a good 60% of what I listen to was originally produced before 1975. So when Julie was looking for suggestions for her upcoming water aerobic class and needed some oldies tunes, I knew I had a great playlist coming my way. And I wasn’t wrong! I saw this a few days ago, and now there is a pretty new iPod playlist bearing a very similar name with quite a few of the same tracks 😉 They may not be the best for the most hard-core of speedwork, but they get me through the elliptical with a big ole’ smile on my face and a groove in the step!

What did you run across this week? Any awesomely stand-out moments?