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Mixing Things Up a Bit

on June 20, 2013

You guys remember seeing that lovely lady on the left earlier this week? That’s right, the lovely trainers Karena and Katrina are making yet another appearance here at Chez Outlaw because it’s their fault, basically, that I’m writing this post. But let me back up a little bit, yeah?

Okay, so you guys remember this?


My June/July calendar combo in which I outlined what I was planning on doing every day for the next two months. Of course, that calendar lasted approximately ten days before life got in the way and I had to switch some things around. Which led to more stuff getting switched around. Couple that with a nagging ankle pain and some weird tinging in my right knee, and I’m coming more and more to a place of being happy with where I’m at for the moment, running wise. I’ve pushed myself already these first few weeks of the month, and hit my five mile distance. I’m still thinking of that 10K, of course, and am planning on hitting 6 miles by the end of summer. But, until I can get some new shoes (having eliminated a host of other potential issues, I’m about 95% sure the pain is coming from my shoes just being shot to hell, which makes sense given that they’re over 18 months old) I’m officially declaring a shift in my goals for the summer! Enter Tone it Up. 😀

I’m falling more and more in love with Tone it Up every day I spend poking around the site and trying the ladies’ routines. Not only are Karena and Katrina adorable, personally – they remind me a ton of Cassey from Blogilates, another amazing website worth checking out if you’re in need of at-home routines – but, from what I’ve seen, Tone it Up has one of the most active online community support networks I’ve seen lately. The people participating in this program seem to be doing so with good results and maximum enjoyment, and while I’m trying to caution myself not to get all rosy-eyed and swept away in the whole glow of something new thing that happens, I’ve been really enjoying the activity going on on Instagram and Twitter as it relates. To be honest – I’ve yet to buy the nutrition plan on the site (it’s a bit hefty for a nutrition plan, at $150, although I’m hoping to be able to purchase it one day) but the free materials I do have access to seem comparable, and there are enough free recipes on the site that I honestly can’t tell yet what it is I’m missing out on 😉

Now, I know most of you out there are totally settled in to a routine that is totally working for you right now – that’s so amazing! I’ve learned about myself over the years that I tend to do the best with a kind of action plan (along with at least a little flexibility), and that’s what TIU is doing for me right now – giving me a weekly set of complimentary workouts that can be done at the gym or at home and can be done in one repeat or not. Not to mention there are enough video choices that, even if the ‘scheduled’ workout doesn’t look appealing, I’m bound to find something that does. I’m still experimenting a bit to find my best fit, plan wise (at least for the next few months) but I think shifting my focus from running and weight loss to strength training and then running, I’m going to benefit more overall in the long run.

A you a structured plan person? Or a by-the-seat-of-your-pants type? What’s your fitness routine look like this summer? Anyone else every feel kind of…wonky going back over their goals like that? As though changing them is like losing to them? No? Just me? lol.

5 responses to “Mixing Things Up a Bit

  1. as per usual, your post makes me sit up and nod to myself over and over again. this line is me to a T: “I’ve learned about myself over the years that I tend to do the best with a kind of action plan (along with at least a little flexibility)” it took me YEARS to figure that out. and its why i like bar method- all i need to do is sign up for my 3 or 4 early morning sessions at the beginning of the week and i know i’ll go. if i need to cancel i will, but ill reschedule so i get at least 3 every week. and if i dont cancel by 6 the night before, ill get charged, so its a good way to stay committed/ accountable. running is harder for me to stay on track with, but I’m working on it 🙂

    • Chelsea says:

      That’s such a great, like, method of getting to Method, lol! I find paying for things (odd avoiding paying) is a rather FANTASTIC motivator. Because truth: I’m a total cheapskate!

  2. megbek says:

    I love the Tone it Up ladies, for sure. They are inspiring, real, and provide excellent workouts to literally anyone at any level. I use a lot of their circuit moves for inspiration for my own workouts!
    You are doing a great job just keeping up with your activity levels. To me, that’s the hardest part of a schedule – following it. Whether you change things up or follow it to a T, the daily routine thing is incredible, really.
    As for you kinks and pains, pay attention to those, for sure. I would absolutely recommend new shoes, especially after seeing how old yours are! Girlfrannnn, no runner is complete without some fancy new shoes! 🙂 🙂
    Glad you’ve found a way to still do a summer tone up plan with different means. I love your insty gram updates, and I find it incredibly encouraging that you’re staying on point with consistency. 🙂 You go, Chelsea!
    PS your new insta name is adorbz.

  3. Firstly, I really like the fact that you used the word “wonky.” One of my favorite words. Ever.

    Less importantly (duh :P), I’m the kind of person who needs to have some flexibility in my schedule…or else I’ll end up creating my own flexibility, and you can imagine how that goes. (Note: not well. :D) My fitness routine for the summer looks like it’s going to be training for another half in the fall! Hopefully I can fit some strength training in there, but I’ve pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I love running too much and I hate strength training too much…sigh.

  4. I’ve seen the Tone It Up girls a lot but never really checked out their site – I will definitely do so now…thanks for the rec! Hope your ankle is feeling better soon and get you some new shoes girly! always has awesome sales on running shoes (it’s Zappos sale site).

    I do need a plan, but also like some flexibility. This summer I’m training for a 10K on July 4th and a Half Marathon in early October as well a practicing and teaching yoga and doing at home circuits.

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