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My Own Personal Dolvett


His name is Andre, and clearly we were meant to be.

Okay, not really. 🙂 But Andre was Mark and I’s trainer at the gym this morning, and he did a really great job!

Yesterday afternoon, after chatting with you fine folks, I took it in to my head that foam rolling would be a really great thing to do on my rest day. Turns out, not so much. After a week of neglecting that little piece off blue foam, I hit something in my IT band and its been sore ever since. On top of that, when I lay down to, you know, nap my knee better, I woke up with a mild fever and a hell of a head cold! Talk about a bad night, lol. Good thing I had plenty of puppy kisses to make it better


Thankfully when I woke up this morning the cold was gone and the soreness in my knee was a little better.


That’s my “sore and headed to the trainer” face. Now, we didn’t actually do much training (a quick upper body circuit) as part of Andre’s job WAS to sell us on buying more personal training sessions, but I still thought he gave out some new-to-me and helpful tips!


Tips I Picked Up at my Not-So-Physical Physical Training

1.) Instead of running through intervals at every workout, I’m going to try running at a steady pace for a week of workouts and then progress to slightly faster for the next week and so on in order to increase lung capacity (at least for a while!)

2.) You can burn anywhere from 300 to 1000 calories in an hour of strength training, so I for sure need to extend my strength training sessions

3.) Part of muscle confusion means working on a macro scale of taking your body from unstable activity to stable and back again over the course of months (maybe? I think -that’s how I understood it, anyway).

4.) Fix base issues (knee problems, back problems, etc.) by working to strengthen them at the source FROM THE BEGINNING (I knew this, but given how I just got done NOT doing this, it seems especially pointed)

5.) Most people don’t ask to take pictures with their personal trainers to post on their blogs later 🙂

Mark and I will be heading back up there later, seeing as how we didn’t really actually work out this morning, but for now its breakfast and then a trip to the city compost center to deposit some applewood branches that have been hanging around my FIL’s yard!

Trainers out there: any general tips? For those who train: do you think personal training is worth it?

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